WeTransfer 3D Sublimation Transfer Film
WeTransfer performs high production while transferring. Perfect print on curved surfaces film is able to print custom images zon to curve surfaces without having any color limitation. Make an absolute color cosistency, excellent dimensional stability for industrial / commecial / artwork designs printing. It is extremely excellent in elongation (over 300%) showing a great adaptability in any curved surfaces of all material. It has nothing to do with aluminium evaporation type that most of other films have adopted. Therefore, don’t have any brittle(cracks) in trasferred images. Accordingly, we assure that superior picture quality and vibrant colors are obtained on substrates.


Printing Any round surfaces : Curved surfaces, Side edges, Corners.
High definition graphic quality, Excellent color brilliance.
Transfering High transfer rate (saving ink cost), Line sharpness
General Weight 240g/㎡
Thickness 185±5 microns ASTM D645
Density 1.34g/㎤
  • 1. 300% Elongation
  • 2. No Crack on any curved surfaces
  • 3. No powder on the surface
  • 4. Short production time
  • 5. High color density
Vacuum Pressing Condition
  • Softening time: 17~25 sec.,
  • Temperature : 145℃ (293℉)
  • Vacuum Pressing Time: 12 minute

The Type of 3D Sublimation Transfer Film

Sheet of 3D Sublimation Transfer Film

Part Number Description Qty per Box
TSTF-A3 A3 Size
297 x 420 mm
(11.693 × 16.535 in)
500 Sheets
TSTF-A4 A4 Size
210 x 297 mm
(8.268 × 11.693 in)
1,000 Sheets
TSTF-A5 A5 Size
148 x 210 mm
(5.827 × 8.268 in)
1,000 Sheets

Roll of 3D Sublimation Transfer Film

Part Number Width X Length (mm)
TSTF-4040 400 x 4000
TSTF-4340 430 X 4000
TSTF-1340 1300 X 4000



  • Sports
  • Industrial
  • Event/Tour
  • Commercial
  • Electric Guards
  • Mobile/Tablet
  • Souvenir/Gifts
  • Ski/Snowboard
  • Hard case/Helmet
  • Promotions/Movies

Guide Lines

Printing tip
Suitable printing condition : Temperature 15ºC - 30ºC (59ºF - 86ºF) / Humidity below 50%.
It is recommended to set up pre and post heaters around 30ºC (86ºF)
It is recommended to store in the closed original packing in a cool and dry environment.
Tempreature 10ºC - 25ºC (50ºF - 77ºF), relative humidity 50% RH.
Shelf life
One year stored in original package in recommended condition.
Information provided here is subject to our test criteria and subject to change without prior notice.
No media warranty is implied.
All material should be tested by purchaser to determine final suitability. printer and ink change may affact results.